Analysis of latest tungsten market from Chinatungsten Online

The tungsten prices in China started to show stabilization in the week ended on Friday November 22, 2019 in wake of low selling prices cutting profits, low supply due to environmental protection and manufacturers reducing production to stabilize prices. But the persistent weakness in the demand side and capital shortage of companies will continue to affect market deals in the short term.

In the short term, the tungsten industry faces both opportunities and challenges despite it is in a severe winter now. The market will achieve more stable and sustainable development after eliminating the inferior. Therefore, the transformation and upgrading of enterprises and the development of high quality are cemented carbide necessary. In addition, the market supply and demand relationship certainly affects the formation of product value, but the participants' mentality is also one of the important factors affecting the price. Irrational sales arbitrage and malicious speculation are “serious injuries” to the industry. As the year is approaching, it is expected that the tungsten market will be stable and the price will stabilize.

Prices of tungsten products on Nov. 25, 2019

Picture of tungsten ore

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