Dabaoshan is a used tungsten-molybdenum mine pollution mountain located in Shaoguan city, which is more than 1,000 meters above sea level. The 673meter elevation line contains limonite, copper, sulfur, lead-zinc ore, and tungsten-molybdenum ore, accompanied by gold, silver, tellurium, bismuth and other rare metals. Not only the metal content and variety are large, and the ore deposit is bare and easy to mine.

The earliest mining record of Dabaoshan can be traced back to the Song Dynasty in 999 AD. After being "digging" for more than a thousand years, the "retaliation" from this "Baoshan" began to be revealed year after year: It has become the main source of pollution for groundwater and downstream river water after being abandoned. The bare mountain body rich in heavy metals was gradually washed out by acidic water. The mountain was full of devastation, the grass was not growing, and landslide and mudslide Yg6 Carbide Tips occurred.

At the beginning of this century, the problem of soil contamination has aroused the attention of all parties, then soil environmental management has begun. On May 28, 2016, the State Council's "Soil Pollution Prevention Action Plan" was promulgated and implemented, including Shaoguan city and Taizhou city of Zhejiang province, Huangshi city of Hubei province, and Changde city of Hunan province as soil pollution synthesis.

The sewage treatment builds three phases of sewage clearing and diversion projects. This system can let the clear water flowing down the mountain take a line, then collect the sewage discharged from Dabaoshan and Xinshan mine, and take another line to merge into our downstream. It is understood that the two sewage treatment plants are respectively the Tungsten Carbide Round Rod 12,000 tons and 45,000 tons of Liwu mud storage external drainage treatment phase. The sewage treatment capacity can reach a total of 84,000 tons per day, under normal circumstances, all mine sewage can be collected and fully treated.

In the middle of the mountain not far from the mining area of the tungsten-molybdenum mine, there is a green artificial lake dotted with green islands, and is newly built Fandong tailings pond with an investment of 470 million yuan.

This new reservoir, which is in the downstream of the old tailings pond, has a capacity of 39.8 million cubic meters. It not only collects the wastewater from the beneficiation and washing process but also treats the wastewater from 32 abandoned folks in Fandong area. When it comes to the whole collection, this water is so clear, because after treatment, the treated water can be recycled to production in 100%, and the wastewater is cut off from the source.

The data also shows that this cross-stone water, which has been often "red-brown" for many years, has reached the surface water category II water standard. The scenery of the Fandong tailings reservoir in Dabaoshan is comparable to that of the Swiss scenic area. The soil in situ is green to make the roots green.

The projects placed in Dabaoshan are the latest scientific research achievements in the field of soil safety utilization, and help to changing the tungsten-molybdenum mine pollution mountain into a beautiful place.

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