Recently, media reports said Development and Reform Commission (NDRC) of Yunnan Province have maken out the illegal administrative penalties of 5 electric powder enterprises for confiscating their illegal incomes, the total illegal incomes of more than 3.50 million. It is reported that the major reason of the five electric powder enterprises to be punished including that generated and outwardly supplied electricity during the outage of desulphurization facilities, related emission concentration index hourly average Yg6 Carbide Tips exceeds the limit but still requires enforcement of environmental price, and so on. In this regard, I express my deep sorrow, as well as have no more agree for the treatment of NDRC, how dare they generated power under the outage of desulphurization facilities? Today, the whole world is doing environmental protection work, and you commit a crime in spite of a law-enforcement campaign, anyone without you not to be punished?

 The pollution of sulfur dioxide has exceed the smoke pollution and become the first atmospheric pollutants, with the world’ industrialization continues to deepen. Flue gas desulfurization (FGD) is currently the world's only desulfurization method of large-scale commercial applications, and also the most effective and main technical means to control acid rain and sulfur dioxide pollution. Desulfurization tower is commonly tungsten carbide sheet used in desulfurization facilities, and the desulfurization catalyst is a core technology used in desulfurization project, the surface of WOdesulfurization catalyst has tension which can reduce the surface tension of limestone slurry and the critical nucleus radius, thereby strengthening the bisulfite oxidation precipitation of gypsum, to achieve the goal of sulfur dioxide emission reduction. Tungsten trioxide (WO3) is an important intermediate product from tungsten concentrates to pure tungsten; the large amounts of WOare used in the production of pure tungsten, tungsten carbide, etc; In addition, as WO3has catalytic property, it can either as the main catalyst (photocatalyst), and also can be used for preparing denitrification, desulfurization catalyst. In the desulfurization cemented carbide tool catalyst, WOas a main active material which uniformly loading on the carrier, serve to reduce the desulfurization reaction activation energy, and also play the roles of anti vulcanization, anti-sintering of carrier, thereby enhance the desulfurization efficiency and achieve the goal of emission reduction.