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carbide alloy,carbide weight,Cemented Carbide are widely used for high-quality solid carbide tools such as milling cutters, end mills, drills or reamers. It can also be used.


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Trump is Building Economic and War Machines

"If you want peace, you have to prepare for war." On March 1, Donald Trump announced that his government would impose a 25% tariff on all steel imports and a 10% tariff on aluminium. Trump initially said tariffs would apply to all steel and aluminium exporters, but a week later, under pressure from Republican free traders, Mexico, Canada and Australia were temporarily excluded, while negotiations on the North American Free Trade Agreement continued.

The news led to an immediate drop in the stock market and sparked criticism from U.S. trading partners who said they would impose tungsten carbide sheet retaliatory tariffs on U.S. exports and crack down on trade restrictions imposed by the World Trade Organization. Although China is not a major supplier of steel to the United States, it is the world's leading producer and exporter of steel, producing nearly half of the world's steel. In other words, Trump is not foolish. He is dealing with China in the form of "knocking on tigers" and "beating cattle across mountains", because China often defies American trade rules by exporting steel and aluminium to third countries and then entering the United States.

Chinese steelmakers, which produce half of the world's steel, have long been the target of U.S. import tariffs, with 25% clearly targeting China. At present, there are 169 anti-dumping and countervailing duty orders, 29 of which are directed against China, of course, and more.

In early March, Robert Lethizer, the U.S. trade representative, submitted a tariff proposal to the White House aimed at China, demanding tariffs on $30 billion of goods imported from China. Trump, however, is not enough. He has made a big demand to double the size of the plan, which means it could reach $60 billion or even $100 billion.

The U.S. sanctions covers more than 100 Chinese products, including electronics, telecommunications equipment, furniture, toys and so on. The technology and telecommunications industries will be the focus of attention. Trump will soon announce the tax plan. Trump has threatened that he is considering imposing a huge "fine" on China in the area of intellectual property protection. "We're talking about figures you never even thought of." On March 7, he tweeted that China had been asked to draw up a plan to reduce a large trade deficit of $100 billion this year...

Americans have pointed out that the impact of tariffs on the U.S. economy and its trading partners is currently a controversial topic, but in order to study why Trump did so, it is necessary to go beyond the economic sphere. In doing so, Americans have found that Trump's protection of steel and aluminium and the recent call for domestic production of 35 strategic metals, such as rare earth and tungsten, are two rivals to build the U.S. military to deal with the growing threats in the world: Russia and China.

Although the United States was the first to promote the global steel industry, it is now the largest importer of steel, importing almost four times as much as its exports.

So the real reason why the United States imposed steel tariffs is China. Like Reagan before him, Trump believed in peace through strength. Although Reagan's evil empire was Russia, Trump's goal was China.

So on these two days, Trump took the initiative to sign the Taiwan Exchange Act. If Trump's steel and aluminium tariffs are an economic response to China's threat, Trump also wants to spread the economic war to the military. So Americans have been making trouble between Diaoyu Island, Taiwan and the Nansha Islands.

Unfortunately, globalization has completely reversed the tide of economic history, so now the United States needs to rely on most of its steel, tungsten, manganese, vanadium, chromium, lithium and other materials outside its borders to complete production, so politicians are always afraid of the country's current vulnerability.

So the final conclusion is that Trump actually wants to support the U.S. Army by rebuilding the U.S. steel industry and allowing more predictions of U.S. war power. What materials will the country need to achieve self-reliance? In fact, the answer has been revealed recently.

The U.S. Department of Internal Affairs recently announced that it will expand domestic production of 35 key minerals, including uranium, tungsten, cobalt, lithium, titanium and rare earths, in order to reduce dependence on foreign imports, especially those produced by China and Russia.

Why is there always such a Zgcc Cemented Carbide sinister and intentional country in the world that jeopardizes world peace? At this time, we should be more cautious in dealing with the threats posed by the United States, more calm and calm, and strive to make our motherland stronger. (China Tungsten Online: Weiping)

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