carbide alloy,carbide weight,Cemented Carbide

carbide alloy,carbide weight,Cemented Carbide are widely used for high-quality solid carbide tools such as milling cutters, end mills, drills or reamers. It can also be used.

Japan Darts Masters Results

First round best of 11 legs, quarter-finals, semis & final best of 15 legs

First Round Draw & Tournament Water Well Drilling Rig Bracket
Michael van Gerwen (1) v Chikara Fujimori
Stephen Bunting (8) v Shintaro Inoue
Peter Wright (5) v Haruki Muramatsu
Adrian Lewis (4) v Sho Katsumi
Phil Taylor (2) v Masumi Chino
Raymond van Barneveld (7) v Katsuya Aiba
James Wade (6) v Morihiro Hashimoto
Gary Anderson (3) v Yuki Yamada

Tournament Schedule & Results
(All times BST)

Saturday June 27
Opening Session

Stephen Bunting 6-1 Shintaro Inoue
Raymond van Barneveld 6-4 Katsuya Aiba
Adrian Lewis 6-0 Sho Katsumi
Phil Taylor 6-2 Masumi Chino
James taper drill bit Wade 6-2 Morihiro Hashimoto
Gary Anderson 6-2 Yuki Yamada
Michael van Gerwen 6-0 Chikara Fujimori
Peter Wright 6-1 Haruki Muramatsu

Sunday June 28Michael van Gerwen 8-5 Stephen Bunting
Peter Wright 8-4 Adrian Lewis
Phil Taylor 8-3 Raymond van Barneveld
James Wade 1-8 Gary Anderson

Peter Wright 8-7 Michael van Gerwen
Phil Taylor 8-7 Gary Anderson

Peter Wright 7-8 Phil Taylor

As for professional game of dart, we recommend tungsten dart, tungsten is an extremely dense metal. It is also very durable, so a high-density tungsten dart resists wear and the knurling will last much longer.


Spot Supply Remained Tight in Tungsten Concentrate Market

Analysis of latest tungsten market in China from Chinatungsten Online: In tungsten Cemented Carbide Cutting Tool concentrate market last week, spot supply remained tight, buyers and sellers had low willingness to trade and large quantities of trading was rarely seen. Stocks in the tungsten ore were in low level while traders were reluctant to sell without the pressure of stocks. Moreover, purchasers were active to enquiry. In the market, low price of goods were less and the quotation became stable amid prices of 65% wolframite concentrate were $16,589-16,899/t.

Orders were less in the terminal market, downstream steel mills and buyers returned to normal without large stockpiles. Under the limited demand of ferrotungsten, mainstream ferrotungsten enterprises mainly exported their products to foreign countries. W70 ferrotungsten price were $25,581-26,046/t and W80 ferrotungsten were $26,202-26,667/t.

APT market was thin, but with tungsten carbide rods the support of raw materials, prices of some enterprises returned to stability. Affected by environmental protection policy and large enterprises in a push to lower prices in the earlier stage, tungsten enterprises were cautious about one-sided price hike though costs stated to increase. Tungsten prices in the current market are hard to have a big rebound, but low price of trading is reduced apparently. As of last Friday, APT prices were $290.8-294.3/mtu.

In the tungsten powder market, domestic demand was weak but costs remained high. Entering the winter, some areas faced large pressure from environmental protection, deep machining, alloy and other downstream enterprises were unstable in production and operation, with low demand for tungsten powder. Therefore, the current tungsten powder market faces greater pressure. As of last Friday, tungsten powder was $40-40.6/kg.

Taken together, terminal enterprises still replenished stocks according to their needs, tungsten ore traders undersold in a small quantity, but basically digested. The weak demand in the market further limited the rebound of price. In the December, the late market price remains to be seen. The new round of guidance prices from Ganzhou Tungsten Association and large tungsten enterprises will be released this week, which will make the market more clear. Risk and opportunity coexist in the December on the whole.

Price of tungsten products on Dec. 04, 2017

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How Significant Is URL To Web Directories

In the wholesale drill bits modern world, the World Wide Web is a very important tool in roughly everything that one does. Online advertising and marketing has been very useful in the rise of different organisations and various people. To make this simple to navigate your way around online, it is important to be familiar with the different terms regarding the web.

It will be a success to imprint yourself and publish your work via the world wide web. If your knowledgeable to handle all the intricacies of the internet you will be able to market and advertise your company via online. But if you are still a novice, then you can browse free directory lists to assist you with all your marketing needs.

There are millions of websites out there, to help you look for that specific websites you can look at the web directory. This web directory will help you get noticed and stand out from all the websites on the internet. Search engines would permit you to add URL, and then they would then add your URL to their index. They have this free directory catalog files and also web dictionaries to add URLs to your web site. These web directories will categorize all the websites according to the issue and subcategories to make it simpler for search engines as well as the viewers to find ?it. This is also grouped according to the products, services and various information that they're giving.

There are various kinds of web directories. One ought to know these directories in order to use them to one's benefit. If the URL you submitted is added to the directory, it already means that your web site is good enough to be put up on the listing. ?It also means that your web site is on its way to fame, and you are on your way to the top.

Your added URL should be catchy to get seen. Two types of web directories out there is the niche directories and the regional directories. Niche directories focus on a exact category making it more functional; plus, they contain fewer spam and junk sites. Regional directories focuses on the specific region, location and the country where the website is located, this makes it simpler to locate a website that is near your city.

It is important to know these directories so that when you add URLs, you know that you have added it to a directory that actually works. It is highly recommended to consider the content of the web site due to the fact that it is also part of the directory list. All the URL should be related and significant to you and for your viewers so that it could be easily linked to other websites that is also related to your website.

You may also see free web directories in the free directory catalog. In the free dictionary list, you can see the website, the ranking by various search engines, the age of the domain, and the IP address. When you get the chance to check web listing, then surely it will help you in this new venture.
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